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"The most profound thing we have to offer our own children is our own healing."

                             -Anne Lamott

Why you're here



It’s kind of your thing, right? Honestly, you’re pretty darn good at it, too. (Girl, same.) I mean really, it’s helped you build a life that, by any outsider’s definition, just oozes success.  Unfortunately, you’re finding that control is only getting you so far at home.  Your kids, despite your explicit directions, just aren’t playing by the rules, and




You love your kids, of course, but this whole parenting thing just isn’t going quite how you envisioned it.  You’ve tried everything: yelling, not yelling, time out, time in, shameless bribery. You’ve read all the parenting books and devoured all the resources, but when it comes to actually implementing it, you find yourself so overwhelmed with frustration that there’s no hope of actually following through with all of those shiny new skills you’ve learned. There has got to be a better way. Why can’t someone just tell you how to do this better?!


Consider this:  Maybe the problem is NOT that you don’t know how to do this and NOT that you need someone to tell you how to take care of your kids.  Maybe the problem is no one ever taught you how to take care of you.  


It’s not surprising. We live in a world where parental martyrdom, especially for moms, is seen as something to aspire to: The ultimate achievement in parenting. The problem is that after you’ve thoroughly sacrificed yourself, there’s nothing left to give: Nothing left for your kids, nothing left for your partner, nothing left for you...except maybe some full-blown grown-up temper tantrums, and we all know how that works out.  

A wise coach of mine once shared this bit of hand-me-down coaching wisdom:

When you're trying to control everyone around you, the only one out of control is you.




I have good news though:  

I'm here to help you feel back in control again. 

I’m here to help you learn how to start saying yes to the things that matter and no to the things that don’t. 

I’m here to teach you the real power of your brain and how to get that brain working for you instead of against you.  


I’m here to help you see that you actually do have a choice in what you believe about your life, yourself, your kids, what it means to be a parent, and what "good" parenting looks like. 

I'm here to help you redefine success in parenting. 


You see, I have this fundamental belief that deep down inside, we all know our own Truth and that our strongest relationships are built upon that Truth.  I believe that underneath all of the expectations, traumas, opinions, and socialization that this world puts on you, there is the truest version of yourself, and that Self knows exactly what your kids need and when they need it. That Self also knows exactly what you need and when you need it.  The challenge is learning to trust your Self when you've been taught not to for so long.   

It feels hard to start that journey toward Self-trust and away from control, but it's the most worthwhile journey we'll every embark upon.  Through that journey, we go from good to great.  We find joy.  We delight in every bit of who we are, who our children are, and the lives we are living.  And guess what happens next...we start to share that beautiful vision of Knowing and enough-ness with the ones we love most: our children. Giving ourselves permission to believe that for ourselves is the hardest part.  

But what if?


What if giving yourself permission is the easiest thing in the world? What if it starts with saying yes to yourself and your kids right here, right now?  


If you’re ready to consider that in order to love them better you first have to love you better, we need to talk. Click the link below to schedule a free 1-hour consultation with me. 


I can't wait to help you see what is possible. 

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